Biden storming the Capitol: ‘Democracy in the United States is still in danger’ | Abroad

The US president said the “battle for the soul of America” ​​has not yet been won. “It is important that the American people understand what really happened.” The first public hearing of the commission investigating the storming of the Capitol took place Thursday evening (local time). More will follow in the coming weeks.

Supporters of then-Republican President Donald Trump stormed the US Parliament seat in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021. They wanted to prevent Biden’s victory in the November 2020 election from being certified. Several people died. Trump had earlier incited his supporters in a demonstration to steal the election victory. He was later forced to respond to impeachment proceedings, but was acquitted. The investigation committee was formed to shed light on the background of the intrusion.

Biden called the attack “one of the darkest chapters in our country’s history” and a “brutal attack on our democracy.” However, it is possible that we will defend the nation together, across party lines, and ensure that no one can “put a dagger to the throat of our democracy,” in the words of the president. The Democrat began his term as president just days after storming the Capitol. However, Biden is far from achieving the goal of reuniting the deeply divided country.

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