Biden warns of new cyber attacks on Russia –

GENEVA (Reuters) – US President Joe Biden told his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, that the United States would take action if new cyber attacks were launched against US targets. He stated this during a press conference after his first meeting with Putin in Geneva, Switzerland.

“He knows there will be consequences,” Biden said, referring to sanctions previously imposed on Russia. The United States accuses the Russians of interfering in the presidential election and hacking American companies, which the Kremlin denies. Biden says Putin’s actions are weakening his country’s global standing. “His credibility around the world is deteriorating.”

The heads of state also spoke in Geneva about human rights in Russia. Biden referred to the treatment of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. His imprisonment was subjected to international criticism. Biden said the consequences for Russia would be “devastating” if Navalny dies. Other topics discussed were nuclear weapons, prisoner exchange and eastern Ukraine.

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Biden said the talks were “good and positive.” Putin described the talks as “constructive” earlier in the evening after he announced that they were returning ambassadors of the two countries to other countries. According to Biden, the two leaders did not agree on all topics, but he had the opportunity to explain how the United States feels about some matters.

Biden arrived in the United Kingdom last Wednesday, where he attended the G7 summit and met the royal family. Then he traveled to Belgium to attend NATO and European Union meetings. The visit to Europe concluded with a meeting with Putin. After his press conference, he left for the airport.

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