Big victory for Joe Biden: the US Congress approves the huge infrastructure plan

The infrastructure plan is one of the pillars of Biden’s plans to strengthen the US economy, something he wants to allocate a total of $3 trillion to. The money from the infrastructure plan is for roads, railways, bridges and the improvement of Internet connections. Biden says investments in these will create new jobs and improve the competitiveness of the United States. It is the largest infrastructure investment ever made in the United States.

Following Senate approval in August, the plan has now also received House approval. It is now up to the President of the United States to sign the text. The approval of the investment plan is good news for the president, who suffered another setback just hours ago when a vote on another massive social and environmental investment plan was postponed.

Biden’s plan met not only with opposition from Republicans, but also with significant opposition within his Democratic Party. After days of negotiations, the government managed to rally Democrats on Friday night. Congress finally approved the investment package by a vote of 228 to 206.

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