Biography of Doctor and Future Blessed Jerome Legion

In the Anglo-Saxon publishing house of the Jesuits, Ignatius PressIt’s a biography Jerome Legon: A man of science and conscience Back. In it, the author takes I would like Dugast, Which is also the serial for the beatification of the French doctorAnd It takes readers on a fascinating journey through the remarkable life of this scientist and geneticist, who has been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize, and who has maintained a close friendship with the Pope. John Paul II He has won hundreds of prestigious awards. In 2007 the process of his beatification began and Bob confessed last year Francis him as glorious.

According to biographer, Jerome Lejeune (1926-1994) as a physician he was primarily motivated by a strong desire to serve patients that society at the time considered almost worthless, especially people with Down syndrome. Dugast also sees in the story of the life of a blessed future and its enthusiasm an important warning to a society that, out of idleness and selfishness, is increasingly rejecting, unequivocally, the seeking of care for these people.

Lejeune gained international recognition when he helped discover the extra chromosome that causes Down syndrome. But according to the biographer, this was just the beginning of an extraordinary scientific career. In her autobiography, Dugast consulted thousands of archives for eleven years. She met the wife of Legon, his relatives, the families of his French and foreign patients and collaborators: Legon was a man of deep faith and insatiable love for people with Down syndrome. He devoted his life to giving dignity to their lives and ultimately to finding a cure that he was unable to achieve. His work caught the attention of Pope John Paul II, with whom he developed a lifelong friendship and a solid working relationship. Eventually the Pope appointed him president of the Pontifical Academy of Life.

Source: Ignatius Press / RNS

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