Blizzard wants to bring World of Warcraft to consoles

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that it is considering bringing the long-running World of Warcraft MMO to consoles. Now that the publisher is part of Microsoft, that move could be much closer.

Holly Longdale, vice president and executive producer of World of Warcraft, mentioned during an interview with Gamesradar that the publisher is “always thinking” about moving to consoles. However, the woman also admits that an MMO like World of Warcraft on console is a difficult problem. Especially since “the popularity of such games on consoles is much lower.”

Although this doesn’t change the fact that countless MMO games, including Final Fantasy XIV, have large communities on consoles. A potential switch to console might be possible in World of Warcraft.

Currently, Blizzard is focusing on WorldSoul Saga, a series of three upcoming expansions. If it came to the console version, the option would certainly be considered. However, we’re betting that the console release will happen sooner after those expansions launch, because Longdale admits “the publisher has enough work at the moment.”

Longdale points out that the console launch is often talked about. Now that Blizzard is owned by Microsoft, maybe things will move forward a bit.

Are you going to be a World of Warcraft player on console?

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