Information evening at Alzheimer’s Belland Café about the grieving process due to health loss

Losing your health, such as developing dementia, can trigger a grieving process. The topic will be discussed on Tuesday 7 November at the Alzheimer’s Belland Café and discussion leader Monique van den Heuvel will delve into what is also called “living loss” with psychosocial therapist Noelle Lohmann.

According to the expert, this process begins from the moment of diagnosis. In addition, there is suddenly a realization that things are not improving and that communication will likely continue to decline.

The Alzheimer’s Café Peelland meeting focuses on the significant impact it has on the person themselves, but also on their loved ones. Attention is also given to the many feelings of grief, such as anger, sadness, helplessness, and frustration that may be evoked when a loved one increasingly faces mental decline.

This edition of the Alzheimer’s Café, titled ‘Mourning and loss with dementia’, will be presented by new discussion leader Monique van den Heuvel, who will henceforth present a number of meetings alongside Theo Lankhorst. Alzheimer’s Café Peelland takes place on Tuesday 7 November from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at ‘t Kwartier on Kerkstraat 10 in Asten. The meetings are for people with dementia, their loved ones (informal carers) and interested parties from Asten, Deurne, Someren and the surrounding area.

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