Why you should nap during the day according to science

Want a longer lunch break? Then show this article to the boss. Who knows, you might get paid naps soon. Because according to science, taking a nap during the day is very good for the brain. And also for your business.

Even if you always go to bed on time, your eyelids may already be drooping by noon. Unfortunately, we don’t live in Spain. Colleagues will give you a weird look when you decide to take a short nap in the office.

Unless, of course, you show those blank heads this brand new study. “Association between daytime napping and increased total brain volume.”

Napping during the day is good for the brain

Larger brain size is associated with a lower risk of dementia and other degenerative diseases. And research from the prestigious University College London found a small but significant increase in this brain volume in people who often took naps during the day.

In fact, the average difference in brain size between the sleepers and non-sleepers studied is equivalent to an average age difference of 2.5 to 6.5 years. People who do not automatically close their eyes during the day generally not only age faster, but are also more likely to develop brain disorders later on.

Moreover, it was not a small sample. British researchers used a technique called Mendelian randomness To analyze DNA samples and brain scans of 35,080 people between the ages of 40 and 69.

Scientists first looked at parts of the genetic code linked to regular napping. They then compared the brain health of people who nap frequently with the cognition of people who never nap. The results show that a short 5- to 15-minute nap in the afternoon can make a huge difference in brain health, especially later in life.

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However, the guinea pigs themselves entered the number of times they took naps during the day. Additionally, the researchers didn’t collect any information about the duration of the naps, which of course could have an effect. But hey, your boss doesn’t need to know that.

Check out the full search sleep healthThe results were published this week.

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Why you should nap during the day according to science

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