Two new AI features in Dropbox

Dropbox is adding two new AI features to its services.

Cloud service Dropbox is next in a long list of companies that are increasingly betting on artificial intelligence. The company announced this week Two new AI functions on me.


First, there is the Dropbox Dash search feature. It’s an AI search engine that combines all your tools, content, and apps into a single search bar. The system is connected to Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, and Salesforce, among others. Additionally, Dash is powered by machine learningThe more you use it, the better the system will know you. Earlier this month, cooperation with Google was modified.

In addition to the universal search function, the Dash browser extension also has some features:

  • Stacks – A smart system that allows you to save, organize and find URLs quickly
  • Home – A dashboard that gives you instant access to search, view stacks, find shortcuts to recent work, and start meetings

In the future, you will also be able to ask questions via Dash that the AI ​​will answer based on information about you and your company (for example, when the next paid vacation falls).

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what’s in a name

The second new feature was generally referred to as Dropbox AI. With this system, you see previews of files, via artificial intelligence. This way you instantly know what large documents or videos are about, without having to view the whole thing.

With a single click you can also get a summary of things like meeting or contract reports. You can also directly ask the system a question about files, without searching manually.

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Dropbox AI for file previews is currently in alpha and available to all Dropbox Pro users in the US since yesterday. The system will also be distributed to selected Dropbox teams for the foreseeable future.

This impassioned announcement is undoubtedly a little harsh for the hundreds of employees Dropbox let go in April in favor of artificial intelligence.

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