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Even the biggest fashionista can fail if he has to say the name of a famous brand out loud. Even reality star and posh cat Kris Jenner doesn’t always know it. Is it SHEIN or SHEIN or Lee Face or Levi’s or Nike or Nike? We teach you – once and for all – how to do it.

Brands like Versace and Dolce & Gabbana might look familiar, but Moschino, Primark, and Shein also look familiar. However, we often don’t know how to pronounce it correctly, concludes Preply, a global platform for online language lessons. Even a celebrity like Kris Jenner, who often wears luxury brands, has doubts about the statement by Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent, among others, as you can see in the video.

7 common examples, there is no doubt that you do not pronounce them all correctly

And no, it’s not just Americans who mispronounce foreign luxury brands. We, Dutch speakers, make a lot of mistakes, says Preply.

The brand statement that gets heard most often Versace For example, “Ver-sa-tjsie”. While it should actually be “Verrr-sa-tjsé”.

nor is heHermesBut the “Discrimination”. After all, the French “h” is not pronounced and the “s” at the end must sound like a “z”. Can you still continue?

Also a sports brand Nike It is often mispronounced. The correct pronunciation is not “Naik”, but “Naiki”. with a major competitor Adidas Focusing error often occurs. So “Adie-das” must be “A-die-das”.

for jeans brand levi We’re basically using the wrong “Lee-vies” variant. Instead, she pronounces it “Lie-vais” the English way.

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These false statements are not limited to luxury brands. Also to get a budget label like Primark You need the right accent. Do you say “Primark” or “Primark”? Kudos to everyone who says “Priemark,” because that was the original pronunciation used by the Northern Irish brand in its early years. Listen to the announcement below at approximately 0:15 seconds. Although we shouldn’t miscalculate “Praaimark”: nowadays the brand generally accepts the new version, and writes on the website.

And the biggest mystery: is it “shein”, “shayin”, “shein” or “shine”? Who is the name of the Chinese fashion site it is in Saying “Shie-In” is also worth patting on the back. The brand was originally called “She Inside” in English (written together, edited), Now they just abbreviate the second word.

look. editors show the correct pronunciation for all brands

For additional language lessons, you must be on social media

The fact that some fashion brands do not have English origins and others do, is of course one of the biggest difficulties. There are Italian brands (Versace or Moschino), but there are also Spanish brands with German names (Loewe). In addition, the French in particular are very strict. Therefore, videos in which locals give a lesson in pronunciation of luxury brands from their country are very popular on social media.

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