Surveillance cameras record atrocity on Birmingham street: 82-year-old man doused in liquid and lit on fire | outside

On Monday evening, an 82-year-old man was set on fire in the British city of Birmingham. The man was on his way home from the mosque, but a passer-by approached him on the way, and he stopped him for a while. Surveillance footage shows how the man was set on fire a short time later.


The pictures show how the perpetrator poured some kind of liquid on his victim’s jacket. The man tries to avoid confrontation and continues walking but the offender continues to harass him. A few seconds later the man lit a fire, creating a huge explosion of flame. The victim was taken to the hospital with severe facial burns. He’s out of danger.

The perpetrator was arrested shortly after the facts and taken in for questioning. He is now also linked to similar crimes committed the previous week. An 82-year-old man was set on fire in front of a mosque in London. The police suspect that it was doused with kerosene. We try not to speculate in advance and keep all avenues open in this case. Further investigation into the perpetrator’s motive will also be conducted.”

A man is walking home from a mosque around 7 p.m. On the way, a passerby approaches him, which makes him talk for a while. Pictures show how the man was set on fire alive not long after. © Birmingham Street Atrocity: Man Burned Alive

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