Blue chest gives another update about abandoned

The PS5-exclusive console was announced to be abandoned years ago, and its development (if the game exists) can rightly be considered a real show. Rumors of an association with Hideo Kojima made the Dutch game studio suddenly become world famous, and they suffocated a bit. The latest face-worthy disaster came earlier this year, when Blue Box said it was launching a “real-time experience app” on PS5 where they could finally see more of Abandonded.

This app came after two lags, has a little teaser that you can also watch on YouTube or Twitter and was a bit of a laughingstock for a game that was supposed to be in development for over four years. Since then, calm has reigned in the Blue Box – until today: in A Blog post The developer gives a “peek” behind the scenes.

According to the post, development has been abandoned since 2017, but it has been the “main focus” of Blue Box since early this year. There are still plans to release a playable prequel in the first quarter of 2022 (“with the reveal that the game is about to happen”), and there will also be an update in 2022 to implement the real-time experience that will enable the technology behind the game. (“Visual, Audio, and Haptic Feedback for DualSense Wireless Controllers”). It’s unclear if that should be something other than the introduction, or if it’s exactly the same.

Blue Box continues to lay some of the blame, saying they don’t want to make the same mistakes again. The real-time trial app was said to have launched “too early” due to pressure the studio was feeling from the audience. Despite that, it’s been downloaded 3 million times and launched for 11 million sessions, Blue Box says, so they really want to make something fun out of it.

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De Wacht doesn’t expect anything more than that, but he will continue to follow the news with a bowl full of popcorn. PC and PS5 are set to be abandoned.

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