Searching for a house at the custodian who cheats with tax money leads to unexpected loot

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Usually it is the attendant who knocks on someone’s door, for example to seize the property of the house or to make a summons. But last Thursday, the tables turned. On behalf of the investigating judge, the police searched a house in the Flemish porter’s office, and in his private home.

The Brussels public prosecutor confirmed that “the search was part of a judicial investigation”.

It was investigated for some time whether the report had defrauded the collection of tax money. The record had worked for the Ministry of Finance for at least ten years. He visits Brussels companies to claim tax reimbursement. A payment plan is often agreed upon.

brilliant man

But the record was going to secretly keep sums of money for himself. The tax authorities would have discovered the fraud themselves in 2020. Allegations are taken seriously in the sector, where the report must be “incorruptible”.

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The record in question is not a flawless figure. Complaints are pouring in on social media, because he will allow himself to be caught in front of shady companies trying to collect money that they are not entitled to. Numerous disciplinary actions have already been initiated against him in his professional body.

Mobile phone confiscation

FS is a brilliant man. The posts on his social media indicate that he spends a significant portion of his time in Spain. According to our information, Al Hajeb and his key staff were questioned before the summer. The man was denying fraud, and he was going to claim that this was the work of former employees.

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According to the Attorney General, documents and data carriers were seized during the inspection process last Thursday. “The seized data will be subject to further analysis,” the prosecutor said.

A copy was taken from all computers and servers in the office. All record staff also had to hand over their cell phones. A copy of the data on those devices was also taken.

small arms

Remarkable: The Brussels Public Prosecutor confirms that several weapons were seized from the usher. It would be pistols. At least some of the weapons are not licensed. The attorney general’s office wants to conduct further investigations into the weapons.

The search for an editor’s home is very exceptional. It happened in the presence of the union of the National Chamber of Preparers. “I was there to protect the interests of the employees and the files,” says Mark van Esbeck. “I have explained when necessary. I have not been formally informed of the contents of the investigation.”

Bailiff FS itself was not present during the searches. He will be staying abroad. The record office did not answer our questions on Friday afternoon. Nor was F.S.’s lawyer.

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