BMW is testing a battery that can extend up to 1,000 km

BMW iX. Image Credit: BMW

The automaker BMW is working with a pilot battery that can increase the autonomy of its electric models to 1,000 kilometres.

With an autonomy of over 600 km (WLTP standards), BMW iX Already one of the best performing car models in the field, but there is always room for improvement. German car maker confirms to Reuters They are in the process of testing a battery made by US startup ONE, who want to specialize in increasing the autonomy of electric cars. For testing, a prototype of ONE’s Gemini battery electric SUV will be built.

The battery consists of two parts and, thanks to advanced chemistry, can store more energy than current car batteries. Part of the battery recharges the LFP cells to increase range. The battery capacity is more than 200 kWh, but due to the high energy density, it should not take up much space under the hood. In addition, the battery is also made of more durable materials. ONE claims to reduce the use of controversial raw materials such as cobalt. In due course, ONE wants to offer its batteries for commercial sale to auto manufacturers.

1419 km

ONE’s Gemini batteries are far from that; They first have to prove themselves in practice. But the first test results look promising. in january Tesla conducted tests with the Converted Model S on rollers, achieved an autonomy of 1,419 km at a constant speed of 90 km / h and ONE managed to reach 1,210 km on the road. On its regular battery, the “Long Range” version of the Tesla Model 2 achieves an autonomy of about 585 kilometers in practice.

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These tests were, of course, carried out in optimized conditions, although ONE is convinced that autonomy of 950-1000 km is certainly possible in realistic conditions. More experiments are needed to prove this. As one of the main investors in the startup, BMW is now testing the batteries. With a maximum range of 832 kilometers, Lucid Air can still call itself the king of autonomy among electric vehicles.

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