Bordallo Pinheiro Tableware Charm

When it comes to designing a beautiful table, there is one brand you absolutely cannot miss: Bordallo Pinheiro. This Portuguese brand is known for its beautiful ceramic tableware that turns every table into a work of art. Bordallo Pinheiro He has a unique talent of capturing nature in his designs, bringing life to your table.

A piece of history

Bordallo Pinheiro was founded in 1884 by brothers Rafael and Feliciano Bordallo Pinheiro. Rafael was a talented artist, while Feliciano ran the business side of the company. Together they created a brand that to this day remains synonymous with quality, creativity and uniqueness.

The magic of Bordallo Pinheiro

What makes Bordallo Pinheiro so special is the way they incorporate nature into their tableware. Whether it’s a leaf-shaped plate, a cabbage-shaped bowl, or a pineapple-shaped bowl, each piece is a work of art in itself. By using these beautiful pieces, you will not only add an elegant touch to your table, but you will also bring a little bit of nature indoors.

The perfect addition to your table

Bordallo Pinheiro flatware is the perfect addition to any table. Whether you are organizing a formal dinner party or a casual brunch with friends, these tableware always provide a great impact. Combine it with a beautiful tablecloth and some fresh flowers and you’ll have the perfect setting for an unforgettable meal.

Where do I buy?

Are you convinced and want to buy your own Bordallo Pinheiro cutlery? You can find it in many stores and online stores. But if you want something really unique, we recommend you take a look Foodies in heels. This platform, especially for table decoration enthusiasts, contains a wide range of Bordallo Pinheiro products. Additionally, they also offer design tips and inspiration to help you create the perfect table setting.

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Foodies in heels

Foodies in Heels is a table setting platform in the Netherlands and Belgium. Especially for anyone who wants to put their best effort into design and cares about food. There you will find the most delicious and healthy recipes and we will teach you everything about setting your dining table beautifully. You will find exactly what you need in our online store. Do you have something to celebrate and want to get rid of your burdens completely? We create the most beautiful table for you for an unforgettable dinner party. And you have nothing to celebrate? It’s okay, we’ll figure something out.

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