Boris Johnson is more likely to have a female successor

After tumultuous years under Boris Johnson’s leadership, one scandal after another, the bullet literally went through the church: the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is resigning. And so, the battle to succeed Boris Johnson has officially begun. There are four female contenders, one of whom could become the third female prime minister, following in the footsteps of Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May. These are the favorites.

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These four women want to succeed Boris Johnson

The new Prime Minister will be appointed by ballots within Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party, not by election. Until 6pm UK time yesterday, Conservative MPs can apply for the chance to win the highest office in British politics. To do this, they each had to get 20 MPs behind them to contest for the Prime Ministership. Eight candidates reached the deadline, and these four women took on the role of favourite.

Benny Mordant

One of these is the Secretary of State for Trade, Benny Mordant, a relatively unknown name that might surprise some. Conservative supporters see him as a pragmatic politician with a pro-Brexit approach that will win over many Britons. Mordant is a trans rights advocate and has previously been praised by LGBTQIA groups for her coalition. It seems that Benny is on the left of the candidate list.

Liz dress

Liz Truss, the foreign secretary in Johnson’s cabinet, was a rival and possibly Boris Johnson’s favorite because she was loyal to Johnson to the end. In The Daily Telegraph He promises: “Under my leadership, I will start cutting taxes from day one to take immediate action to help people meet the cost of living.” He is also known for his faith, his campaigning on social media and his fight against the so-called ‘wake culture’ in Britain – which is remarkably often on the agenda of the Conservatives.

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Chemie Patenoch

Former Deputy Minister for Equal Opportunities Kemi Patenoch Depressed Whose expectations are high. The British-Nigerian candidate came second on the list and was known for his No nonsense approach and strive for more fairness within Parliament. He doesn’t count on much support from the LGBTQIA community, however, after the arduous process of finally abolishing ‘conversion therapies’ in the UK.

Suella Braverman

And then Suella Braverman, a fanatic Brexiteer Having parents of Indian origin who immigrated to Britain from Kenya and Rwanda, he sees cutting taxes, reducing government spending, increasing the cost of living and fighting illegal immigration as his top priorities. He has held a number of positions in Theresa May’s cabinet and has been described as a ‘Resistance arose Politician† He is controversial for his conservative views on transgender rights and progressive sexuality education for children, which he calls “woke trash”. calling We must ‘get rid of it’.

Boris Johnson’s successor will be announced on September 5. You can certainly read who it will be at

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