Boris Johnson is not planning to resign: ‘Of course the opposition wants me’

He hasn’t knocked “Partygate” Boris Johnson (yet). The British Prime Minister did not respond to the police investigation, and the results of the investigation by senior official Sue Gray are not yet known.

Today’s scene in the British Parliament was very similar to what happened last week: the opposition and Boris Johnson were talking perfectly side by side. The British Prime Minister ignored all calls for his resignation. At the beginning of the question round, he indicated that he could not say anything about the police investigation into the alleged parties in Downing Street. He also kept silent about the report of the senior official, which has not yet been published.

Boris Johnson is under heavy fire for his “party gate”. He is accused of holding several parties at his official residence while the country was in complete lockdown. He’s always been weird about these allegations. Either he didn’t know it was a party, or he wasn’t told it was against the rules.

When asked if Johnson would quit, he demonstrated his skill as a driver. Efficiency, according to him, is missing in the Labor Party. “The economy is booming, we have launched one of the best vaccination campaigns around the world and we are currently uniting the West on the situation in Ukraine. This administration is working,” Johnson said, adding that with Labor in power, the country is likely still in a state Close.

eat pancakes

‘Of course the opposition wants me.’ Johnson said: ‘A lot of people want me out for many reasons.’ According to him, the Conservatives are doing what Labor cannot do: work well. And he thinks that’s what makes Labor so nervous.’ We’ve made decisions, and we’ll continue – and I certainly am – with our work.

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The opposition replied, “None of it.” Energy prices are swinging through the roof. And what does Johnson do? Eat pancakes! According to the opposition leader of the Scottish Nationalists, every day that Johnson stays is a disgrace to the people who have made sacrifices during the crisis. The opposition called him a liar.

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