A disappeared princess accused of “taking the hostages” in the videos

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) revealed that Latifa Al Maktoum, 35, was still sending video messages to a Finnish friend over a smuggler’s phone even some time ago.

Princess Latifa, daughter of the wealthy emir of Dubai, Mohammed, became famous after trying in 2018 To run away from her family, But “Al Watan” was kidnapped again by UAE commandos from a yacht in Indian waters.

Since then, she has been imprisoned in a high-security villa in Dubai, according to the princess. She could record videos from the bathroom, the only room she was allowed to lock. Meanwhile, there was no news of her for some time, prompting her friend and former capoeira teacher Tina Jauhiainen to share the videos with the BBC.

Dubai likes to display its liberal economy and exclusive image, but it is not the first time that bitter family situations have embarrassed Prince Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (71). Princess Haya, 46, the second wife of the Emir and her daughter to the late Jordanian King Hussein, fled with her two children to London in 2019 and found protection there.

The media in the UAE did not take over what the BBC revealed about Princess Latifa yesterday.

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