Boris Johnson was buried under plastic waste

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Where is all the plastic waste? The UK alone exports 1.8 million kilograms per day All health and environmental risks So. In a video, Greenpeace shows just how much: The entire Downing Street would be covered by a one-meter-high plastic mountain if litter was dumped there.

All of that plastic comes from a handful of companies, according to research About what de Volkskrant writes. One hundred producers account for 90 percent of all plastic, while the top twenty products account for 55 percent (or 72 million tons per year).

ExxonMobil is the largest polluter, with the oil company generating 5.9 million tons of plastic waste. US chemical company Dow is closely following ExxonMobil with 5.5 million tons. In third place was the Chinese oil and gas company Sinopec, which produced 5.3 million tons. Shell is 51st, with 0.4 million tons.

Governments are reluctant to take measures to reduce the vast amount of plastic waste. From July There is a European ban on single-use plastics like straws and plates. In China, restaurants have been allowed since the beginning of this year No disposable tableware Use more. Rwanda Prohibited Already in 2008 all plastic bags.

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