Brexit Farage, President of Reform England, is stepping down from ‘active politics’

Outspoken Brexit Nigel Farage resigns as leader of the populist British Party Reform Britain. A Saturday night The video was posted on Twitter Farage says he will withdraw from “active politics” but will continue to intervene in public debate.

Farage thinks it is beautiful that “almost thirty years later” his “mission of life” is over: the UK is outside the EU. In the video, he cites the UK being ahead of other parts of Europe in terms of vaccines, an example of the benefits the country is now reaping.

Farage, 56, says he will continue to speak out on social media against China’s “growing influence” and in support of environmental issues such as clean oceans. In Reformed Britain, Farage will be followed by Richard Dice.

Farage co-founded the right-wing populist United Freedom Party (UKIP) in 1993 and later led it. Until 2020, he was a member of the European Parliament, where he was co-chair of the Eurosceptic Committee on European Freedom and Democracy. In 2019 Farage left the UKIP and became the leader of Reform Britain.

நைகல்_பரேஜ் Nigel Farage This is why I stand as the leader of reform Britain. I will continue to do my part through the media, social media and new projects. My thanks to the many millions who have helped change the course of history forever.

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