Bringing the Twente language to science through lectures: “The time has come”

“I once wanted to give a talk about the brain in the apartment, but I hadn't been able to do it yet. So I started looking for people who could do it,” Niebuhr says of how the idea came about. “I eventually ended up with Stephen. “Together they developed the idea further. The end result? “A lecture at the Science Café at Concordia in Enschede. Five speakers come in one evening. So it is actually several mini-lectures. Topics such as science, technology, society and history are discussed.

Suitable for everyone

Not everyone speaks Twente. However, Nijbauer and Dorrestein want to attract as many people as possible. “We are curious to see who will come. I assume that many people are interested in the regional language, so they will be able to understand it as well. But in any case, we think it is time to discuss these topics in dialect as well.”


According to the initiators, it is very important to use more of Twente in education and science. “The dialect is under suppression. It would be great if we could reverse that. If science and education do something for the regional language. We will at least try.”

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