Bristol: Betogers Eisen ‘Kill the Bill’

Thousands of activists protested in Bristol, in the west of England, on Friday, for the third time this week, against a bill on far-reaching powers of police in peaceful demonstrations. This look is called “Kill the Bill,” with a nod to Quentin Tarantino’s film Kill Bill.

At least ten people have been arrested in fresh protests against a police bill in Bristol, in the southwest of England. Police said on Saturday evening that protesters attacked the officers with bottles, bricks and eggs. They were also said to have threw fireworks at Mounted Police officers and sprayed paint on one horse.

According to the police, the measure was peaceful at first, but several hundred protesters decided to go to the police station, which was already attacked during last Sunday’s protests. When the agents then tried to disperse the crowd, the situation escalated.

Protest under the slogan Kill the bill targets a new law that would give the police more power to curb peaceful demonstrations if they cause noise pollution, for example

Additionally, attacks on antiquities are severely punished. The new rules are the government’s response to protests against climate change and racism, which included the toppling of a statue of a slave trader in Bristol last summer. According to opponents, the bill is an attack on freedom of assembly.

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