Matthias Schoenarts plays a pioneering role in remaking the Western Jang …

“Jango! Didn’t you love again?” Matthias Schoenarts in cowboy boots: Will play the lead role in the legendary Spaghetti Western reworking Django In a TV series.

Spread one of the best western spaghetti ever Django By Italian Sergio Corbucci, with the immortal soundtrack by Luis Bacalove. Now no one but Matthias Schoenartz will follow the cowboy paths of the legendary actor Franco Nero, for whom this leading role was the breakout.

It will be a ten-part English-language television series in which Sky and Canal + will band together. Artistic direction and direction is in the hands of Italian Francesca Comincini, who previously also directed television adaptation Gomorrah. It promises an adaptation of strong female personalities and a reassessment of the concept of masculinity. Schoenarts Django After all, he is looking for his daughter in the Wild West.

Then Django Released in 1966, it earned it the reputation of being the most violent movie of all time. British censor banned the film. No distributor in the United States dared to do so. But the movie won the admiration of audiences, and it was honored and edited by Quentin Tarantino V. Unzip Django restrictions.

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