JBN Weekly Overview (11): New jackets, radio and game news

While enjoying a strong cup of Chemex coffee, beloved Bond scrambled eggs, or toast with Jersey butter and Little Scarlet strawberry jam, a weekly overview will keep you updated on Sunday. Welcome to a new weekly look (11).

Breakfast was Bond’s favorite meal of the day. When he was stationed in London, it was always the same.

Fleming in a new jacket

The week got off to a great start: it was revealed on Monday Publications by Ian Fleming The new covers for Fleming’s books will soon be published in the UK. The design is elegant, simple and modern. James Bond code number 007 is the main focus of these new editions, which have been given a different twist to each book. But it’s not just the Bond books getting a new look. Two non-fiction novels by Ian Fleming have also been reissued: Diamond smugglers (1957) and Exciting cities (1963). New releases will appear starting April 13th. You can read all about the new covers in this article!

Goldfinger James Bond Knight

There was also golden news for movie fans this week. A Real Bond Film Night will soon take place at the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam. Goldfinger (1964) will be shown there on Thursday, April 20th. And that’s not all: the film was helmed by director Martin Koolhoven and eye programmer Ronald Simmons. the James Bond Knight Part of a series that both gentlemen put together to share their love of the movie. That is, you can have fun goldfinger In the original 35mm format in a wonderfully cinematic setting without throwing the popcorn to the kids. Of course we are like James Bond Holland There, we hope to see you there! You can cards here request, you can read all the additional information in Jorit’s article here.

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Journey exclusive announced: Black Tomato x 007

In this weekly overview, we also have to talk about the Bond trip you can book with luxury travel company Black Tomato. For the first time, they are organizing an official James Bond tour across Europe in collaboration with EON Productions. The journey takes you from London to Paris to Monaco to Lake Como to finish in Venice. For that trip, you must have some money in your bank account. Black Tomato asks for an advance of £10,000 or multiples thereof. The final cost is not yet known. We were not seen, visiting a number of movie locations on our own. To begin with Diamonds are forever (1971), on April 20, we are already in Amsterdam. are you excited? Gosse has all the features and characteristics for you in his article on Black Tomato x 007.

Review: Tivoli Model One Radio BT

This week, Joss has his eye on something a lot cheaper than travel. He found his inspiration for a new radio in No time to die (2021). If anything is ever good enough for James Bond, it has to be quality. In Bond’s home in Jamaica, we find a Model One Tivoli radio. Gosse tested the Bluetooth variant and wrote a review about it. The Tivoli Model One has a beautiful white design with a wood casing, but what’s it like to use it? Read it in our Gosse review!

IO provides new information about “Project 007”

Book, movie and game in the weekly show (11)! Because after a long period of radio silence, this week we read an interview with the owners of IO Interactive, Kristian Elverdam and Hakan Abrak. IO is still busy developing a new Bond game with the working title Project 007. We don’t know much about her yet, but Elverdam and Abrac wanted to say something about what it means to come up with a new story. Their Bond game begins with the new James Bond, with a new origin story. For this they had to get the go-ahead from EON, which was very special. Read the interview with both gentlemen here, and learn more about the trend Project 007 Out!

It’s something that can stand beside TV and movies. This might be something gamers say “well it’s not just a game for a movie”.

This was the weekly overview (11) for this week. We’ll be back next Sunday with a new weekly overview. You can already expect an article on a special book… We look forward to seeing you again!

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