Britain asks former boat captain with Mi …

On Sunday, the British government ordered a navy veteran to find a way to prevent immigrants from illegally crossing the Channel and landing in Britain. The British also called on the French to take action against illegal crossing.

The main mission of Marine Commander Dan Umani is to “make it impossible to cross the Canal with a small boat.” Therefore, it was stated in a statement issued by the British Home Office.

“It will work with the French and depend on the work that has already been done in this sense,” the interior said. The ministry wants the boats to be intercepted and the passengers returned to the mainland.

Due to the favorable summer weather, the number of crossings has increased significantly recently. More than 500 migrants crossed the UK and arrived in just three days.

According to the French Ministry of the Interior, the number of people who actually crossed between January and July 2020 exceeded five times the number in the same period in 2019. In July, the number was ten times what it was in July 2019 and four times more ships were discovered in the dunes than in July. From last year.

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