Britain’s loneliest sheep have been stranded at the foot of steep cliffs for two years outside

A sheep spotted at the foot of steep Scottish cliffs has been dubbed “Britain’s loneliest sheep” by the British press. The poor animal has been stuck in the bay for two years.

Scottish Jill Turner noticed the sheep for the first time in 2021 while kayaking between Baltinore and Nigg off the Scottish coast. It was then thought that the same sheep might find their way to the fields above the cliffs.

But on her last trip she saw the animal again. This time the sheep had a long, thick coat because it had not been sheared in two years. The unfortunate animal was still stuck in the same place. According to Turner, the sheep was bleating at her and her fellow kayakers. The story has since been picked up by British newspapers.

Turner said she tried to contact a number of organizations to safely return the animal to the top of the slopes. She hopes it will be possible to move the sheep to safety.

It is not known who owns the animal, but one of the farmers discussed the possibility of removing the animal from the beach. However, the rescue operation requires specialized equipment due to the difficult terrain.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity, the SPCA, said it was aware the sheep were trapped, but added there was plenty of food available. “There is enough space for grazing in the area,” he added. He added: “We will conduct further tests when the weather permits and when it is safe to do so.”

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