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Britain’s opposition Labor Party submitted a no-confidence vote in Boris Johnson’s government. That reports Leader Keir Starmer. Labor believes Johnson should resign immediately and not remain as acting prime minister.

According to Starmer, it is “intolerable” for Johnson to remain in power. The proposal was threatened last week after it was announced that Johnson would remain prime minister for a period. Labor wants to vote on Wednesday. Members of Parliament must then decide whether they want the current government to remain in place.

If the proposal is successful, a national election may follow. However, this is not proof. Johnson’s party members do not want a snap election because the Conservatives are currently doing poorly in the polls. The party now enjoys a large majority in Parliament.

Johnson announced last week that he would resign after government officials resigned en masse. However, the prime minister said he would like to remain in office until the Conservatives choose their successor. The winner will be announced on September 5th.

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