Special reveal from the old box: Queen Victoria’s underwear worth almost 19,000 euros | Abroad

A guest discovered this during a broadcast of the British show Antiques Roadshow. A BBC broadcast program where antique appraisers travel to different parts of England to appraise antiques from local people.

The guest brought a box that was opened in front of expert Hilary K. It features Queen Victoria’s underwear, with her initials clearly visible. Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom from 1837 to 1901 and Empress of India from 1877.

Hilary jokes: “We discovered Victoria’s Secret (a well-known underwear brand, ed.).” As she examines the garments, she explains how these undergarments were worn by women in the 19th century.

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As for value, he adds: “The last pair I saw at auction fetched £16,000. And so it will happen again.”

How did she get it?

After the guest’s very shocked reaction, the question is: How did you get these underwear? She tells how it has been passed down through her family for generations. A special gesture, expert K knows. Apparently the Queen gave away her underwear to the public as a token of love.

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