Good chance to see the giant moon shining the day after tomorrow | Sciences

On the evening of Wednesday, July 13, there will be another supermoon, one that appears larger and brighter than usual. Due to favorable weather conditions, there is a good chance that the phenomenon will be clearly visible. This was reported by the weather platform Meteovista.

A supermoon is a full moon that appears 7 percent larger and 14 percent brighter than the “normal” moon. This is because the moon is closer to the earth. The distance between the Earth and the Moon is not always the same, because the Moon does not revolve around our planet in a circle, but in an oval.

The moon will be closest to Earth at 8:38 p.m. Wednesday, but it won’t be visible yet. The moon doesn’t rise until 10:30 p.m., and sets again Thursday morning at 4.21 a.m. There is a good chance that the weather will remain clear in the second part of the evening and night. The chance of a fully overcast sky is less than 20 percent.

The July giant moon is also called the “super grain moon” because the first grains can be harvested during this time of the year. It is the second consecutive giant moon. There was also a super moon (strawberry) in June.

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