British Prime Minister candidates have little first discussion: ‘Our children and grandchildren will foot the bill’

The Conservative Party had urged them not to damage ‘Brand’, but it soon seemed that Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak had forgotten that they were actually party members. The first televised debate between the candidates for Boris Johnson’s successors continued for a bit on Monday evening.

In the BBC’s first live debate between Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, the two clashed over their plans for the British economy. Sunak, one of the first government officials to resign to force Johnson to step down, had raised taxes to the highest level in 70 years as Treasury Secretary. He wants to focus on a balanced budget and wants to pay off the national debt as quickly as possible. On the other hand, Truss, who has remained in the position of Secretary of State, wants to cut taxes immediately to boost the economy. She said her plan would start paying off the debt within three years.

Sunak replied, “That’s not true.” Truss was accused of “sugar rush In the short term “which would be followed by a crash, with high inflation and interest rates.” “She promised about £40 billion in unfunded tax cuts, and an additional £40 billion in loans.” She was putting it on her “state credit card” and passing the bills to “Our children and grandchildren,” and that’s “immoral.” “I don’t think it’s right, I don’t think it’s responsible and certainly not conservative.” Truss would add thousands of pounds to mortgages and plunge millions into misery.

Truss “doesn’t believe in this negative language.” She thinks Sunak is inducing fear and talks about “project fear”, a term used by the exit camp during the Brexit campaign. Sunak accurately noted that Truss was initially a “survivor”. And accused him, in turn, of bringing the country into recession. The crash of the economy to pay off debts faster is a fatal mistake that will be felt by everyone across the UK. And she won’t hesitate to oppose the financing “doctrine,” noting that no other major economy is currently raising taxes.

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The two candidates also clashed over China. Sunak had said the day before he wanted to take a hard line against China, but Truss noted that the Treasury had argued last month for closer economic ties. He criticized Sunak Truss for speaking of the “golden age” between China and the United Kingdom. “I think that was about a decade ago,” Truss replied angrily.

What they both agreed on was that Boris Johnson would not have a role in their government. Johnson had already hinted that he would like to make a political comeback and even run in the next election as Conservative leader. “I’m sure he’ll be outspoken, but he won’t be part of the government,” Truss said. She even said she highly doubts he does not want a role in government in the future. “He deservedly needs a break.” Sunak, like Truss, also poured some praise on Johnson, but emphasized: “Enough is enough.” “I thought all the things that happened in terms of behavior weren’t right. We obviously have different views on the economy.

Sunak, who was late in the polls, repeatedly interrupted or spoke to Truss during the debate. Truss’ spokesperson later accused him of “mansplainen” (explained in the condescending and domineering manner of a woman, ed.). “Rishi Sunak tonight has proven himself unfit for the position. His aggressively simplistic and screaming behavior at the private school is desperate and inappropriate and a gift to workers. Prior to the debate, the Minister for Culture, Media and Sports, Nadine Doris, also described Sunak as arrogant in a bespoke £3500 suit and shoes Prada is £450, while Truss wears about 4.5 pounds of earrings from Claires. Asked about it during the discussion, Truss said: “I have no problem with the cost of other people’s clothing. I actually think Ritchie is a very elegantly dressed man. I’m a big fan of his style. I will not give him fashion advice.

In the polls after the debate, a slim majority of viewers thought Sunak was the most persuasive, but among the Conservatives – who should choose a successor to Johnson – Truss emerged as the clear winner. Sunak seemed to do particularly well with Labor voters, not his target audience. According to the opposition Labor Party, both candidates managed to discredit the previous work of the Conservative government during the debate.

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