British scientists want to ban English bulldog breeding

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Because there are so many health problems in the English Bulldogs, researchers want to reduce the breed of dog breed. This is done to avoid a complete ban on breeding, as is already the case in the Netherlands and Norway.

The English Bulldog has been in the crosshairs of animal rights organizations for some time due to a number of health issues affecting the dog breed. Selective breeding of animals is currently banned in Norway and the Netherlands. The Royal College of Veterinary Medicine has conducted a new study on the dog breed and made some significant discoveries. For example, English Bulldogs are 38 times more likely to develop dermatitis caused by folded skin, and they are 27 times more likely to develop cherry eye disease (where the gland in the eye swells). The lower jaw is many times more likely to persist and dogs are 20 times more likely to have respiratory problems.

Bulldogs are more prone to cysts, dry eyes, scabies, and infections between the toes. That is why the scientists who conducted the study believe that strict rules regarding the breeding of animals should be introduced. “Every dog ​​is free to breathe freely, fully blinks, moves easily, with healthy flat skin, and is capable of being born with equal and good innate health through the ability to breed. The public plays a major role in demanding.

“These findings suggest that the general health of the English Bulldog is much lower than that of other dogs. However, the most disturbing thing is that many of the health problems that the Bulldogs suffer from, such as cutaneous dermatitis and respiratory problems, are directly related to their body’s active system of selective breeding,” the researchers said. .

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“Given the continued popularity of the breed, regular English Bulldogs need to redefine their body shape as a subspecies toward more modest physical features.

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