Neighbors demand closure of KTC Azalea Padel in Bruges

Two neighbors of the padel tennis club KTC Azalea in Sint-Pietersgroenestraat in Bruges are calling for the padel club to be closed through court in summary proceedings. They state that the noise pollution caused by that sport is detrimental to their health. Within a week, the court will rule on this allergy case.

The relationship between two neighbors and KTC Azalea in Sint-Pieters has been hard to find for months. Since the tennis club also has racket courts, neighbors complained about noise pollution. Padel makes a lot more noise than tennis.

KRC Azalea’s Padel Club is thriving. In September last year, four members of KTC Azalea in Bruges managed to beat the record for playing Padel. Christoph Mulibrook of Sint-Andries, Pieter Cools of Jabbeke, Kevin Caestecker of Wingene, and former Cercle player Frederik Boi of Sint-Andries together made a 26 hour 10 minute drive from Padel. But soon their record was broken.

without agreement

Hans S. and Peggy V. demanded the closure of Padel Club from Bruges Court on Friday 17 June in summary proceedings. It seems that they were unable to reach a compromise with KTC Azalea. A study was conducted to lay soundproof walls on the dividing line with the neighbor’s house, but this proved to be impossible.

Neighbors demand that noise pollution remain below 45 decibels. According to Tom Volstecki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of KTC Azalea, this is not possible: “Environmental noise at Sint-Pieters is already higher.”

noise standards

Sports ships Franky Demon understand the problem: “Currently, the sound from Padel does not fall under Vlarem. It’s time for Flanders to impose standards so we can operate as local government. The city of Bruges is asking new padel clubs to do a noise study, but we can’t force that on sports clubs. current.

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