Buurtsport Mechelen wins interactive ball wall for Park Donkerlei thanks to Jan Vertonghen (Mechelen) Foundation

Aziz Al-Harsha and Mohamed Moftah from Portsport and Seven Abdul Rahman Labsir.© City of Mechelen


An interactive ball wall will soon be installed in Donkerlei Park in Mechelen. Soto, as the wall is called, is a game trigger in which the wall lights up when hit by a ball. Sutu was created through a competition from the Jan Vertonghen Foundation and will remain there for six months.

Steve Van de Sande

The Jan Vertonghen Foundation has organized a competition to win the Sutu and Buursport Mechelen competitions, among others. He also won the competition. “As a result, the Donkerlei Garden will soon receive a new incentive to play,” says Abderrahmane Labsir (Vld-Groen-m +). “Sutu is a great addition to this park, as Buurtsport really reaches many disadvantaged groups. It is a place where young people can fully develop.”

“Our aim is to encourage children and young people to do more outdoor sports, play and exercise,” says Letitia Mpenza, Director of the Jan Vertonghen Foundation. We do this by creating play environments or playgrounds that are contemporary and therefore responsive to the needs and interests of our youth. Incentive interactive games like Sutu are a great example of this. We are very much looking forward to launching it in Mechelen. After all, Portsport’s core mission matches well with our approach.”


Sutu is developed by Yalp. “If you hit one of the surfaces of the ball wall with the ball, the surface will light up,” Yalp’s Jo Meylemans explains. “You can do this with different balls such as football, handball, basketball or tennis ball. There is also an application that allows you to track your results. With the interactive ball wall we want to make sports and games more fun. Thanks to the solar pole and the sun, the electricity costs of this installation are lower very limited.”

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