BUX X Releases Rebranded CFD Trading App to Strike

Amsterdam, July 11, 2022 – BUX, one of Europe’s fastest growing mobile brokers, today announced the continuation of its CFD trading app under the name BUX X Strike. The rebranding is part of a series of innovations to improve the customer experience for traders at Strike focused on trading derivatives on indices, stocks, gold, forex and more.

The new rebranding differentiates Strike and BUX Zero
The rebranding clearly differentiates between Strike and BUX Zero and the different customer groups they target. Strike users are interested in short-term trading with CFD products at a more frequent and flexible pace, meeting each other digitally through in-app social channels. In contrast, BUX Zero clients are interested in medium- to long-term wealth building where they can build a portfolio with a broad range of investment products, including partially stocks, ETFs and crypto.

“With Strike, we are relaunching our successful CFD trading app, which has been used by more than two million users in Europe and the UK since 2014,” said Salim Sepada, CEO of Strike. “With a new design and recently received licenses from European regulators, we are expanding our footprint in Europe and offering more clients an easy and fun way to trade CFDs. The updated app complements familiar elements such as our app community, social trading features and daily local news for all markets. .

With Renewed Strike, CFD trading usage continues to expand in Europe, with recent additions Finland, Luxembourg, Slovenia and Portugal making derivatives trading usage available in 13 countries. The goal is to develop Strike as a pan-European platform for traders to share knowledge, experience and strategies.

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“BUX X was launched in 2014 as a platform for trading CFDs. It has continued to evolve over the years, and now it’s time for the next step with ‘Strike,'” said Yorik Knopf, CEO of BUX. “With these two brands, we want to make a clear distinction for two types of investors: those who choose BUX Zero with long-term investment goals and short-term ones. People who can use Strike to trade. As we separate the brands, BUX will serve the customer needs of all its app users in Europe, regardless of their financial goals.”

Bringing the Strike brand to life
The new app design keeps the blue color of BUX X, while all other colors like red, green, purple and orange have been removed to create a clean and professional look. The diagonal lines in the new strike logo represent active markets. The app icon has up and down arrows that illustrate the dynamics of trading.

New leadership and management
In recent months, BUX has made several changes to its business operations as part of its ambitions across Europe. In July 2021, Salim Sepada was appointed as the new CEO of the UK CFD division and BUX Financial Services. In addition, Jean-Raphael Nahas was also recently appointed General Manager of the CFD business of BUX Cyprus, with the aim of accelerating the development of the application in this new phase. BUX has also secured a new license to enable the company to further expand in the EU’s post-Brexit environment.


About BUX Zero
With over 700,000 customers, BUX is one of Europe’s fastest growing neobrokers. Since 2014, BUX has made it easier and cheaper for Europeans to do more with their money. With BUX Zero, investors will be able to invest in stocks and ETFs from 2019. BUX Zero is currently available in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Ireland and Spain. The full range of BUX products, including BUX Crypto, which allows users to invest in real cryptocurrencies, and Stryk, in which users can trade contracts for difference (CFDs), are available in several countries in Europe. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam and is backed by some major international venture capital firms.

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About the strike
Developed and powered by BUX, Strike is here to prove that CFD trading can be fun, motivating and social. Strike takes the hassle out of the markets to improve your trading experience. A lightning-fast app that lets you trade CFDs on stocks, forex, indices, commodities and more, with or without forex. With offices in the UK and Cyprus, Strik is available in the UK and 13 major European countries.

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