Buying a PS5 for Christmas? New Coolblue’s Last Chance Attracts Sony PlayStation 5

Good news for those who want to grab a PlayStation 5 before the holidays arrive, because Dutch web store Coolblue is organizing a raffle once again. You can’t win a PS5 with it, but whoever is chosen is guaranteed to buy a console.

More than a year after the release of the Sony PlayStation 5, the gaming console is still hard to come by. Lots of units have already been sold out in the meantime, but due to the global shortage of semiconductors, production is still unable to meet demand. In addition, the demand is still very high, for example, the PS5 always sells out within a few minutes when a drop occurs.

In recent months there have always been new loads to be found, but very soon you will be able to contact Coolblue for a new lottery. The retailer has 1,800 items in stock, which will sell them all. What do you have to do for it? Browse to the Coolblue website and download the app. Search for “PlayStation 5” in the app and press the “Sign me up” button.


Attention, registrations are closed today. For example, it will be permanently closed on December 9th at 10:00 AM. Selected people will be notified by email on the same day and can order the PS5.

You cannot order the regular version via Coolblue, without games or accessories, because Coolblue only sells packages through checkout. It’s a bundle with PS5 + Spider-Man Miles Morales + PS5 3D Pulse (659.97 euros) + FIFA 22 + Additional console (629.97€) or PS5 + Battlefield 2042 + Additional console (€ 640.97). You’ve lost a decent amount of money, but at least you’ll have a PS5 at home.

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PS5 + Spider-Man Miles Morales + 3D Pulse Headset (€659.97)

PS5 + FIFA 22 + Additional console (629.97 € – Aff.)

PS5 + Battlefield 2042 + Additional console (€ 640.97 – Aff.).

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