BV 24/7. Kat Kerkhoffs has been outspoken about motherhood, and started working out with her little bud showbiz

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Kat Kerkhovs She went in for sports with her little bud.

lemnis Open to motherhood. “It was 2022: finally being able to hold our sweet little man in our arms and shower him with kisses. Experience again how strong Mother Nature is. I feel my inner lioness roaring and being so vulnerable at the same time. I realize once again that being a mother is the sweetest thing I do and do it.”

Camille She looks back on her visit to “home”. “The most emotional conversation ever.”

Dinah Tarsago He visited the circus. “It was beautiful! A big round of applause for all the artists.

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Marth The K3 van kicks off today with the last “K3 Kom Erbij” show in the Netherlands.

© Instagram: @marthedp

Julie van den Steen She now has her own label.

Instagram: julievandensteen
© Instagram: julievandensteen

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