Datrix appoints Enrico Zio as the new Director of the Scientific Group

(Alliance News) – Daytrix Spa announced on Tuesday the appointment of Enrico Zio as the new Group Scientific Director.

This appointment follows Datrix’s acquisition of Aramis Srl, announced on February 1, a process that brings together the valuable skills of Aramis and 3rdPlace, already part of the Datrix Group, and takes shape in the new player “Aramix”, with the main objective of descriptive development , predictive and educational data science models, and the application of artificial intelligence to administrative and industrial processes to make them more efficient.

Enrico Zio, former President and Scientific Director of Research and Development Activities at Aramis, is a prominent figure on the international academic scene and author and co-author of seven books and more than 500 articles in international journals. He is also President and Vice-President of several international conferences and Associate Editor and Referee in several international journals. In 2020, Zio received the International Humboldt Research Award, one of the most prestigious research awards in the world for scientific disciplines, and was included in the list of the top 2% scientists in the world compiled by Stanford University for many years based on indicators of quantity, quality and impact of scientific work produced .

Enrico Zio’s entry into the Datrix Group contributes to a significant expansion of the company’s competencies and offers the opportunity to face increasingly complex and competitive contexts, both in Italy and abroad. At the same time, the new and innovative reality of Aramix – led by Director Andrea Ronchi – make it possible Leveraging the deep experience Aramis has accumulated over many years of scientific research and industrial development, in complete technical synergy with the excellent skills in IT, machine learning and rendering models demonstrated by Datrix in this company said.

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Datrix CEO, Fabrizio Milano d’Aragona commented: “The arrival of a professional and scientist with the expertise and experience of Enrico Zio certainly gives us more strength, and will also allow us to benefit from the integration of deep skills that Aramis has acquired over many years of scientific research and industrial development from Through Datrix’s proven outstanding IT skills, machine learning and model rendering, in perfect synergy with the Group’s strategic vision and mission.”

“Thus, Datrix becomes more than a leader in the field of innovation and presents itself as a competent partner to meet the needs of the current and future industrial world, while increasing its research contribution thanks to its increasingly close relationship with universities and research centers, and further enhancing its ability to attract and train new talents.”

Datrix shares remained unchanged at €2.40 per share.

By Giuseppe Fabio Sicomascolo, Senior Correspondent for Alliance News

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