Camera Express buys a German store

Kamera Express acquires specialist store Fotohaus Kerstin Sänger, adding the tenth location to its branch network in Germany.

From October 1, 2023, Fotohaus Kerstin Sänger will be part of the Kamera Express Group, so to make Capelle aan den IJssel announced yesterday.

In 2021 it already bought GM Foto and Foto Gregor there. With the current acquisition, the number of stores in Germany is increasing to ten.

For customers, this acquisition means that a much wider range will be available at good prices. Other things hardly change: opening hours remain the same and familiar faces of Fotohaus Kerstin Sänger, including founder Kerstin Sänger himself, continue to work in the store.

This gives Kamera Express a physical location in southwestern Germany. From there he can personally serve digital clients from a wide area. Customers need that. In the electronics store MediaMarkt, for example, just over forty percent of a physical store is collected in the online store.

Kamera Express now has ten stores in Germany, thirteen in the Netherlands, nine in Belgium and two in Luxembourg. In addition, the group has web stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Spain and Italy.

The imaging specialist has an annual turnover of about two hundred million euros. It raised growth money from Vendis Capital in the spring of 2018.

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