Art and Science Days: Compilation of activities at the intersection of art and science

The Night of Discovery is one of the events that fall within the framework of the “Days of Art and Science”. (photo: Key City)

A number of events and activities related to art and science will be combined under the new name “Days of Art and Science”. “It’s about brave new worlds, brave young minds, the Wavelength Festival and the Night of Discovery,” says Program Director Alexander Mori, who has been in charge of some of the activities mentioned in recent years. Moret talks about an “interdisciplinary event” with activities at the intersection of art and science.

“via”Art and Science Days“The forces of several organizers are brought together and a platform is offered to artists and scholars who each bring together art and science in their own way,” Moret says. “At the same time, it should be a catalyst for a conversation with a wide audience about the future of our society and the role of art and science.”

According to Moret, Art and Science Days will offer a diverse multi-day program to a wide target group. “Bundling the most diverse events ensures that children, students, scholars and culture makers are addressed in several parts of the programme.” Among others, well-known events such as Brave New World and the Discovery Night Part of it. Art and Science Days September 11th to 17th.


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