WinRAR vulnerabilities potentially put millions of users at risk

WinRAR archive vulnerabilities potentially put millions of users and third parties at risk. Updating is highly recommended.

WinRAR is a program for Windows that allows you to compress and archive files. Recently, researchers discovered a security vulnerability that could put millions of users at risk.

the facts

The vulnerability has a CVSS score of 7.8 and is coded CVE-2023-40477. It was discovered on June 8 by a security researcher working with him zero day initiative, part of Trend micro. It happened publicly on August 17th.

WinRAR was notified by researchers and the company released a patch on August 2 via an update in the model version 6.23 from the program. This update also fixes some minor bugs.

There is an alternative for Windows 11 users. Since a few months ago, this system supports standard RAR files, which means that you no longer have to install WinRAR to open these files.

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CVE-2023-40477 allows (malicious) code to run when someone opens a RAR file. Due to the lack of user data to verify when opening an archived file, an attacker can access memory.

That also overrides the allocated buffer. The vulnerability allows a hacker to create a RAR file to execute code.

WinRAR is shareware, so it’s free to download. You can then use it for more than a month before you start paying. As a result, the software has hundreds of millions of users, but it is also popular with people with bad intentions. This is not the first time that a security vulnerability has appeared in WinRAR. As always, what was best back then also applies, and modernization is the message.

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