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Joe Biden won the presidential election, which Donald Trump and other Republicans refuse to acknowledge.

There are concerns that the president and other Republicans will make every effort to stay in power. “There will be a smooth transition for the second Trump administration,” said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Said Last week. See Attorney General William Recognized by federal prosecutors as well The start of the investigation into election irregularities prompted the head of the Judicial Electoral Crime Division to step down and move on to another role. On Tuesday, Trump fired federal director Christopher Grepps, who had promised the credibility of the 2020 election, and pushed back the president’s unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud.

Nevertheless, despite all of Trump’s maneuvers, it is unlikely that he will find a way to stay in power or carry out the conspiracy. Here is an explanation of why:

Trump has refused to accept that Joe Biden won the presidential election. Is there a constitutional path for him to carry out a conspiracy and remain in office in another position?

Not really. The Election College Meets 14 December Statewide people use the ballot to vote for the president and to assign each state its electorate. Biden is expected to win more than the 270 electoral votes needed to become president. His success is not in one state, he has unbeaten tracks in Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

There is a long legal theory, Floated by Republicans In the run-up to the election, Republican-friendly legislatures in places like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania may boycott popular vote in their states and appoint their own voters. Federal law allows legislatures to do this if there are states. ”Failed to select“On the day of the election college meet. But there is no evidence of malpractice in any of the states, and Pitton’s command margins in these places make it clear that the states have actually made a choice.

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“If the country continues to follow the rule of law, I do not see any credible constitutional path for Trump to continue as president, except for new evidence of electoral failure in many states,” Richard Hassan, a law professor at the University of California, wrote in an email to Irwin, who specializes in elections. “Attempting to use state legislatures to round up voter choice is a naked, anti-democratic coup and I do not expect that to happen.”

It would be unusual in this way for lawmakers in a state to choose to violate the clear will of its electorate and probably cause great uproar. To defeat Trump’s electoral college, many states will have to take this extraordinary step, which will cause a serious setback and a real crisis of democracy across the country.

“There is a strange fascination with various imaginary dark scenes, perhaps involving traitorous state legislatures, but this is more dystopian fiction than anything that could have happened,” said Richard Bildes, a law professor at New York University. “Paradoxically, or tragically, in exceptionally difficult circumstances, with record creation, we were able to hold a very smooth election – however, a significant section of the president’s supporters now believe the process is flawed.”

Donald Trump speaking from the White House at an election night party in Las Vegas on November 3 is shown on live broadcast screens. Photo: John Locher / A.P.

Is there any indication that Republicans in these important states are going to go with this?

After Election Day, Jack Korman, a top Republican in the Pennsylvania State Senate, said his partyFollow the lawIn Pennsylvania, voters must be provided to those who won the popular vote. In October op-ed“The state legislature has no hand in electing the state’s presidential nominees or deciding the outcome of the presidential election,” Korman said.

Last week, Republicans in Pennsylvania Assembly He said he would like to investigate allegations of voter fraud. There is no evidence of widespread malpractice in the state, but the move is dangerous because it could be the beginning of an attempt to undermine the results of the popular vote in the state. But as a major blow to the president’s legal efforts, the state Supreme Court ruled that Philadelphia election officials did not misrepresent Trump’s campaign from observing mail-in votes being counted.

The Republican-led Legislature Also investigating the election in Michigan Republicans in Wisconsin. There is no evidence of widespread error in either place.

Is this in any way relevant to the cases Trump is filing?

There is the Trump campaign Filed A murder Legally questionable Cases from election day. The purpose of these cases is not really to overturn the election results, but to try to draw uncertainty and the counting process.

Each state has a deadline to certify election results, which are then used to allocate its electoral college votes. In at least two states, Pennsylvania And Michigan, Trump’s campaign seeks to prevent officials from certifying the results.

The certification deadline is important because federal law states that the result will be “final” until the election results are finalized by December 8 this year. It also provides protection against Congress, which is responsible for counting election college votes. By pulling this process out, the Trump campaign is trying to create a much faster room to second-guess the results beyond that deadline.

While that is the hope of the Trump campaign, Bildes said the courts are unlikely to step in.

“States are going to start counting the total number of their votes within 10 days, and the courts have no basis in the claims made so far to stop that process,” he said.

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Say the bad situation is fruitful and the Republican-led legislatures are violating the will of the people in many states. Is there any security to prevent Trump?

Yes. There are Democratic governors in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Nevada who refuse to recognize a set of Trump voters, making it clear that Biden won their state by popular vote. Instead, they will submit the right voters to Python as the winner of the popular vote.

It will then come to Congress, which is accused of counting votes from the Electoral College to determine what to do. The law outlines the process for how Congress should handle a dispute among voters from a state Very confusing, But experts believe the slate with the support of a state governor Legally sound one. There is a competing theory that Senate President Mike Pence may have control over this process. A dispute over the electorate between the U.S. House and Senate is a bad situation and the U.S. Supreme Court will be asked to step down.

No matter how long the dispute, the Constitution sets a deadline. While the count continues, the terms of the president and vice president expire at noon on Jan. 20. At that point, if there is no final decision on the race, the Speaker of the House – probably Nancy Pelosi – will be acting chairman.

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