PS5 Stock Tracker UK: How to check the availability of the PlayStation console

The PS5 It has become one of the hottest products this year – too hot, in many cases, even to buy.

The console was released in several countries last week with very limited purchases available to those who were able to pre-order the console. When the PlayStation goes on sale across the UK on the 19th, many are eager to get their hands on it.

Unfortunately, the recently released Xbox Series S and X are proving to be tough.

There are some tips that can increase your chances, however, there are ways to ask about participation first.

Where is the PS5 in stock?

Unfortunately, nowhere. All the big retailers have sold their shares due to the volume of demand. If you really want to get one sooner, many reseller websites like eBay and Gumtree have listed them – but for a fixed asking price (this is 9 349.99 for the disk-free digital version and 9 449.99 for the standard version). So getting one through official channels is very safe and cheap.

What is the best way to land one for me?

There are many ways to get your hands on a console first, i.e. sign up for various newsletters from Cam, Charcoal PC World, Amazon and more. They usually send emails and let you know when they will be restarted ahead of time – and you can get one if you do it on time. Be careful though, the competition will be hot.

The PS5 will be available across the UK from Thursday, November 19th


The @ Wario64 Twitter accountIt is good to identify the various websites that have made the new consoles available now, so it is worth following, as they can create a different world in progress than the others. You can enable notifications so that you get an alert when a new post arrives – however you should be aware that it also posts a lot about other products and other countries.

Will there be anything available on release day?

Cam has said it will get a lower amount to buy the PS5 on the 19th, while Amazon has announced that the console will restart at 12 noon on the day of release.

Ordering from them means you will not receive your console overnight. “We will make every effort to deliver all orders as soon as possible. If you place an order, we will send you an email with an estimated delivery date, ”Amazon said. The online retailer has also warned that any distributions may be subject to change.

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