Can you get paid to drink beer? It’s possible at Aldi

By Editorial Online

Aldi will launch a new range of spirits in the UK on September 15. That’s why they’re looking for an official “beer taster.” That beer taster will explore flavors, provide feedback, and advise the supermarket on their new selection of beers, from spicy IPAs to smooth lagers.

Requirements? Passion and enthusiasm

You don’t have to do much to qualify for the job. The taster wants “pints full of passion and enthusiasm for beer,” it sounds. The ultimate opportunity for beer lovers. Is that music to your ears? In the email you must explain in 150 words why you are the perfect beer taster. Plus, you mention what your favorite beer is – tip: if the answer to that question is ‘cara rouge’, you won’t make it.

Unfortunately, it appears that only UK residents are eligible. But he who does not try does not succeed. You can apply by emailing [email protected]. You can register till August 29.

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