Daughter Bruce Springsteen goes to Tokyo with a Belgian horse

At the Tokyo Olympics, Jessica Springsteen, the daughter of American rock singer Bruce Springsteen, will make her first appearance with the American equestrian team. She does it with a Belgian horse.

The American Equestrian Federation has confirmed that Jessica Springsteen will compete in the Olympics (July 23 – August 8). This is the first time the 29-year-old daughter of The Boss and Patti Sialpa has competed in the sport since losing a place on the US team in 2012 and 2016.

His participation also has a Belgian connection: in Springsteen Tokyo will be competing with Don Juan van de Donkov, a 12-year-old Belgian sports horse. That is not surprising. Springsteen has been leading his equestrian career in our country for many years, especially from the Musem-Wolverhampton, including Belgian horses.

Another ride with the Belgian horse has been selected within the US team: Kent Farrington – silver medalist at the Games in Rio de Janeiro four years ago – with the Belgian Kesel. There are still many countries that believe in the Belgian top horse while chasing a medal in Tokyo on August 6th and 7th. Overview of all Belgian horses at the Olympics:


  • Edwina Tops-Alexander – Identity Witzerol (developed by Michael Vanderhaselt)


  • Niels Brunseels – Deluxe von D&L (D&L NV Reproduction)
  • Yves Vanderhasselt – Jeunesse (bred by De Manekam CVBA) – Balance


  • Christian Cook – Mumbai (Raised by Kurt de Clark)
  • Daniel Tusser – Killer Queen VTM (bred by Dirk-on Brookman-Carpentier)


  • Simon Telestre – Perlux Z (Laveco Envy Breeding)


  • Shane Sweetnam – Carlin von Wennehof (bred by Jose Votten) – Balance
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  • Eugenio Corsa Perez – Armani SL Z (developed by Theory Hendrix)
  • Manuel Gonzalez Tufrasne – Hydrangea van de Leverk (grown by Ronald Jusson)


  • Eduardo Alvarez Azner – Legend (developed by Jonas Poon)

United Kingdom

  • Scott Brush – Hello Jefferson (born Geranmias von Halestonhof, bred by Bernard Moles)
  • Harry Charles – Romeo 88 (born Picobello champion, raised by Picobello horses)

United States

  • Jessica Springsteen – Don Juan van de Donkov (Raised by Gustaf Quintelier)
  • Kent Farrington – Kessel (bred by Werner Hyuninks-von Hornick)


  • Malin Periart-Johnson – Indiana (bred by W. Wanderlindon-von Turtleboom-Ruiz)
  • Henrik von Eckerman – King Edward (bred by Wim Impense)

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