The United Kingdom and Ireland are the only remaining candidates for the 2028 European Football Championship.

The 2028 European Football Championship will most likely be held in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Turkey, the only rival, withdrew as a host candidate for the tournament on Wednesday. reports UEFA, the European Football Association. The country will focus on winning the 2032 European Football Championship alongside Italy. UEFA has yet to officially recognize the joint venture between the United Kingdom and Ireland and Turkey and Italy. It is expected to happen on October 10.

In 1966, the World Cup football tournament was held in England. In 1996, England hosted the European Championship, and in 2021, the English Wembley and the Scottish Hampton Park are two of the eleven football stadiums where the European Championship has been played. The tournament took place in stadiums spread across several European countries. Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland have never played European football.

The 24 participating nations will play in 2028 in London (again at Wembley, but home to Tottenham Hotspur), Manchester (home of Manchester City), Liverpool (home of Everton), Newcastle, Birmingham, Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow (Nation, Glasgow team). Ground) and Dublin. The 2024 European Championship will be held in Germany, where the tournament was last played in 1988 (in the former West Germany).

Correction (October 4, 2023): An earlier version of this article stated that the 1966 European Championships were held in England and the 1996 European Championships were held partly in Scotland. That is incorrect and has been corrected above.

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