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The first cancellation for Rock Worcester 2021 is a fact. With Radiohead lead player Tham Yorke (52), a big name immediately cancels his coming to the festival. York is canceling his entire tour and will not be coming to our country in early July.

Last year, crowd puller Pearl Jam failed miserably. At this point, Radiohead decides for himself: the British musician – Radiohead’s mastermind – cancels his show on Rock Worcester. The festival organization makes it known through its online channels.

Read more. No more crossbop. What do other festivals do?

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He was on the bill with his side plan for tomorrow in 2020 with modern boxes for tomorrow. Rock Vertere then canceled four days, and now York is pulling his own plug. He is canceling all shows scheduled for this summer in Europe and the United Kingdom.

It remains to be seen whether other artists will follow York’s example. The organization in Worcester is waiting for the government’s decision on whether its festivals can take place this year. That knot will be taken in mid-March. Festival boss Hermann Schurrmans had previously announced that he would not be rejecting a date.


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