These are the free PlayStation Plus games as of March 2021

Square Enix made the first contribution for the next month. Final Fantasy VII Remake can be downloaded completely free in March as part of the free PlayStation Plus games of March 2021. The game is the long-awaited remake of one of the most beloved Final Fantasy games ever. So Square Enix pulled all stops to rebuild the game from scratch. The RPG game introduces a new combat system and a whole new graphic style and will spread over several parts. The first part of this is now available to PlayStation 4 owners for free.

PS5 owners still fish behind the net. The free version of the game only concerns the PS4 version. The PS5 version will soon receive an upgrade that will then be available for purchase on console including brand new content.

PlayStation 5 owners can start a great new puzzle game next month. The scale model is all about perspective and nothing in the game is as big or small as it appears. By choosing your location smartly and turning the camera around, every Scale Model challenge and puzzle can be solved. If you let your imagination run wild, you’ll also discover all sorts of things. The game will be released by developer Annapurna Interactive on March 2, 2021 and on that date the game will be immediately free for PlayStation Plus members.

The world as we know it no longer exists in the remaining third-person sci-fi game: From the Ashes. Everything was destroyed by an evil force from another dimension. What remains is just a small resistance group that fights evil. You belong to this resistance group, but you are unknown to the people you end up with. You have power that does not radiate equal reliability for everyone. Alone or with up to other players, you can go out to silence hordes of deadly enemies and gradually restore the world.

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For VR players, Sony has made a real gem for free next month. Farpoint in virtual reality takes you to an alien planet where a space station has crashed. Al-Hajj suddenly fell from the sky during a routine mission, as the station is called. The flash was all that preceded it. or not? Totally in first person, you’ll be looking for survivors and you’ll have to use all of your archery skills to get rid of it yourself. Because on the planet you are on, there is something you don’t want there.

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