Canoeing, biking and wall climbing in the Delhaize (Boechout) car park

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The Delhaize and Decathlon standing cup stops at Boechout on Sunday. Interested parties were challenged based on five sports in the supermarket parking lot.

With the Tokyo Olympics still in full swing, Delhaize and Decathlon want to get as many people of all ages involved in the sport as possible, with the goal of living a healthier life. With their parking trophy they stopped at five locations in Belgium. Participation is of course more important than winning, but five winners can prepare to enjoy Loïc Van Impe’s culinary skills alongside Belgian athletes Kevin Borlée, Hanne Claes, Jaouad Ahab and Joachim Gérard.

Sports disciplines on the menu are wall climbing, golf, cycling, rowing, and wheelchair basketball. Cleo Dockx from Brecht has ventured into the wheelchair basket. “I myself am a personal trainer and will definitely try all the ingredients here. Wheelchair basketball is really tough. The strength should clearly come from the arms. Rowing was also very fun to do.”

Cleo plays basketball in a wheelchair.
Photo: Philip Spoilers

Wout Verhoeven came to Boechout from Antwerp to test himself. “I think this is a great initiative, especially during the Olympics. It is suitable for all ages. I used to be a runner so the short effort I put in on the bike definitely suited me. Climbing the wall went very smoothly. By the way, climbing is a sport included in the program for the first time in Tokyo It’s good that she was also put in the spotlight with us during this event. Only golf was less. You have to master certain techniques for that.”

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The next stop for the Parking Cup will be on August 8 at Delhaize Watersport in Ghent.

Kayaking, biking and wall climbing in the Delhaize car park
Give it all for a minute on the bike.
Photo: Philip Spoilers
Kayaking, biking and wall climbing in the Delhaize car park
Sports Village for a day.
Photo: Philip Spoilers

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