UFC Vegas 68 | “I don’t care about Jon Jones” – Derek Lewis


Derrick Lewis has since fully recovered. The American was eliminated from his match against Sergey Spivak last November during the event. According to Lewis, he had COVID-19. He’s had it for two weeks. His taste buds, among other things, were gone, and he totally had the flu. He is now feeling completely better again and looking forward to the match against Spivac.

escape from


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As COVID-19 also reduced his lung capacity, Lewis ran hard. This is also evident in the American who seems more trained than usual.

Normally he should lose about 12.5 kg per fight week. Now he is already right about the weight he should weigh to fight.

My diet

Lewis also addressed his eating regimen. The American drank a lot of soft drinks and ate a lot of fast food. He has now set a schedule to eat the right food at the right time. As a result, Louis, of course, lost a lot of weight. The American is now more aware of what he is eating and says he is getting benefit from it.

Bob Perez

Lewis is now back with coach Bob Perez. Lewis wanted to see if he could learn things he could work on elsewhere. The American has had two games without Bob Perez in his corner. He is now back with his old trainer and says they value each other more than ever. The grass was not greener on the other side.

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Lewis is undefeated in the UFC APEX (3-0). The American loves to fight in Las Vegas. He also expects his strength to return to his game.

Derrick Lewis celebrates his victory by knockout

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This is something he has missed in his recent matches. As mentioned earlier, it’s a lot lighter, which means it’s now expected to be faster in the octagon.

Dan Miragliotta

Lewis no longer wanted Dan Miragliotta to be the referee during his matches. Lewis always lost when “Tan Dan” was the referee and also disagreed with Miragliotta’s stoppage during his match against Sergei Pavlovich. Louis does not know who the referee is during his fight against Spivac. He even allows them to bring back Mario Yamasaki as long as it’s not Dan Miragliotta.

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with the back against the wall

Louis feels the pressure because he has lost twice in a row. It just makes him more excited. It’s now or never for Americans. Despite his disapproval of the outcome of the match, Pavlović appears to have his back against the wall. He is very much looking forward to the match against Spivac.

Sergey Spivak’s first UFC main event

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Jones vs. Gene

When asked how he felt about the title fight between Jon Jones and Cyril Jean, Lewis was very clear. He doesn’t care about one thing.

Finally, Jon Jones made his heavyweight debut

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Lewis focuses on himself, not on other fighters or fights. It doesn’t matter to him at all that Jones is now an active heavyweight who wins out of the two.

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Miragliotta error

Louis is also blocked on Instagram again. The American laughs and says that referee Dan Miragliotta may also be behind it. It’s all his fault. He does not like Luis because of his way of cheering when he wins matches.


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