Science: This is how you know if someone is lying

A Flemish “scientist” discovers what everyone has known for a long time.

According to research by the Flemish scientist Bruno Verschauer, detecting a lie has never been easier, because there will always be only one cue that will always catch the liar. This is a statement. Can Vivaldi be revealed forever? Did father Hermann de Croo fall into the same basket as his son?

Bruno Vershoeer – professor and assistant professor of forensic psychology at the University of Amsterdam – has been researching for years why people lie, and how you can tell when they’re not telling the truth. He might know, right?

For two years, the man and nine other scientists investigated whether the way someone tells something can show if that person is lying. More than 1,400 people were questioned and their answers analyzed. His conclusion: “Forget everything you think you know about liars. You just have to see how detailed a person knows how they know.”

Yes and more? No that is. We quote: “A liar who has to tell about a past event likes to keep it short. Partly because he wasn’t there. He doesn’t know the details. But on the other hand also because he realizes that if he gives too many details, the risk of being caught increases. The details you tell.

Didn’t we already know that? We also instantly feel like a scientist. Or are we lying to ourselves now? Prof test application. what do you think?

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