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Swapfiets is a bike subscription for a fixed amount per month. The company offers a “bike as a service” with a circular business model and aims to be climate neutral by 2025. The scope has grown to include more than 270,000 members in 9 countries. With the slogan “Own the city, not the bike,” Swapfiets shows that changing habits for a better future can be simple. The campaign celebrates the free spirit of city cycling, bypassing traffic and embracing what the city has to offer. In the Netherlands using a bicycle is already standard, but in big cities like Berlin, London and Paris it is still a novelty. The movie also shows Swapfiets, part of the membership, which makes cycling easy and carefree. Sustainability ambitions are also discussed by showing how bicycles can be reused.

The campaign was developed in collaboration with co.lab.


Swapfiets: Natalie Dickmann, CMO/CCO
Amanda Gandolfo, Brand Manager
Richard Burger, Founder
Brittney Malpeli, Creative Lead
Hanna Kamphuis, Brand Manager
Clemens Spielberger, Brand Manager
Susan Dalstra, copywriter

CoLab: Jessica Kristen, Creative Director
Sandrine Le Goff, Creative Director
Barbara Ryan, Artistic Director

Film production: Production company, Better Call Sol
Roger Saul, Executive Producer
Julianne Snyers, Director
Jasper de Cloet, cinematographer
Sophie Hendricks, Producer, Better Call Sol
Nick Hendricks, Producer, Better Call Sol
Lars Inhulsen, Focus Buller
Jelly van der Weyden, fist
Bauke Boneschansker, 1st AD
Teon Pollis, Ghafer
Estefania ter Heerdt, makeup and hair
Jorinde Baks, Art and Design Director
Jill, Art and Design Director
Daria Stetsenko, production assistant
David Fish, Production Assistant
Tommy Kuiper, Production Assistant
Querine Ottens, Chaperon
Nana Catering

Music: Jorit Kligman

Voice Over Roziena Salihu (English)
Charlotte Gabris (French)

Editing: Jorien Voogt, editor

Sound: KlevR Sound Design

Colouring: Robin LaBrie

Visual effects: Whoohoo Studio

Photography: Casper Van Roij
Sebastian Van Roij

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